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My heart can’t even explain how much this hurts. This little girl in this picture is my little sister, she is 9 years old. A little over a year ago, this sweet little innocent girl, at only 8 years old, was molested by a friend of my uncles. She was told he would kill her if she said anything, and yet she still stood up for herself and told us what happened right after. She is so strong and I love her so much. But tonight, she couldn’t do it. She just sat on the kitchen floor and cried. She wouldn’t move. She just sat there… Depressed… Lifeless…
This isn’t right. This little girl, my sister at only nine years old, is depressed due to her getting bullied at school and her incident that happened a little over a year ago. She is a child, and I will NOT deal with this. I’m sick of society beating up on little kids and telling them that they’re not good enough. It’s sick.
Reblog if you’re against bullying, selfharm, depression, and anorexia.
I love you Zoey, you’re so strong.

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